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The Internet is filled with websites about World War II and we do  not wish to duplicate their work here.

It is our intention to pay tribute to those who served during that war, to those who fought the many battles both in the European and the Pacific Theaters of war. We would like to  recognize those who stayed home and fought the war on a different level.   Finally, we wish to include the stories of some of our Hosts who lived and fought during those times or the stories repeated to them about close ancestors who saw some action during the conflict.

The replicas of the World War II posters issued by the US Government, during the conflict,  tell a story of their  own and are included as reminders to those of us who lived during those  years.

These pages will be in 4 parts. This the introduction page, followed by the "
Battles Page" which will be a short timeline representation of the major battles of the two fronts with links to websites that describe the battles in more detail. Here you will also find a listing of websites already online that has the timelines and historical facts about the war on both fronts.
The Homefront Page" is meant to reflect some of the  hardships and duties of those who stayed home and the methods they used to help the war effort by whatever means available to them.  Lastly, the "Our Own Page"  about our hosts,  who are still with us here in the Golden Gate Forum.


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