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Ballengee History

Posted by Karen <> on Mon, 08 Jan 2001

My 8th GreatGrandFather is Theophilus Ballengee born abt. 1650 in possibly Potier, Poitou, France. One of his children (there were possibly 5), my 7th GGF is Evi (Ives) Ballengee, Sr. born 1674 in the same place. He came to America about 1687. It is said that Theophilus was a huguenot and that he was shot and his family fled to the forest and caves and then to England. Everyone that I have run across is stuck at the same spot. There are different spellings, of course.

My line is as follows - -
*Theophilus Ballengee b: abt 1650
*Evi (Ives) Ballengee Sr. b: 1674

m: Christian de la Plaine

*Evi Ballengee Jr. b: 1-25-1700/01

m: Susanna English

*Isaac Ballengee b: 1747

m: Jean

*Elizabeth Ballengee b: abt 1789

*Absalom Ballengee b: 3-31-1808


*Levi Hazlett Ballengee b: 4-12-1836

m: Caroline Ferguson Bloss

*Eli A. Ballengee b: 1862

m: Anna Laura Ferguson Piles

*Carl Ballengee b: 1-1-1899

m: Birda Phillips

*Carl Phillips Ballengee b: 11-1928

m: Ruth Darlene Myers

*Karen Sue Ballengee 6-6-1950

I sure hope someone will recognize THEOPHILUS BALLENGEE and his family and can help all of us that are stuck.


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