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Civil War Articles

  • The Devil's To Pay: The John Buford Story

  • Clear The Way: The Irish Brigade from Fair Oaks to the Bloody Lane

  • Coastal War

  • Cold Harbor: The Perfect Killing Ground

  • William Barker Cushing and The North Carolina Sounds

  • The Drummer Boys

  • Confederate Forces at the Battle of Seven Pines

  • Confederate Pension Records of Texas

  • Gettysburg Address

  • Gettysburg Ghost Stories I

  • Gettysburg Ghost Stories II

  • History of Rock Island Prison

  • Negro Troops in The Civil War

  • Lee's Farewell To The Army Of Northern Virginia

  • The 100th Ohio Infantry Regiment History

  • The 122nd Illinois Infantry Regiment History

  • The 139th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment History

  • The 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment History

    Civil War Files

  • Andersonville Prison Burials

  • Civil War Archive 9/93 - 9/94

  • Confederate Soldiers Burials

  • Union Soliders Killed 4/28/1865

  • Civil War History Chat Log Library

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