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Florida Important Dates

Important Dates in Florida History

  • 1565 The Spanish founded St. Augustine, the first permanent white settlement in what is now the United States. Pensacola was founded by the Spanish in 1698, but there was little significant European settlement in Florida until the late eighteenth century.
  • 1763 At the close of the Seven Years' War (French and Indian War), Britain gained control of Florida. Settlers from Europe and the American colonies to the north began to move into the area. The provinces of East Florida and West Florida were formed.
  • 1783 Most of the British settlers left when Spain regained the Floridas.
  • 1812 The United States annexed portions of West Florida to Louisiana and to the Mississippi Territory.
  • 1819 Spain ceded the remainder of West Florida and all of East Florida to the United States. Official United States occupation took place in 1821, and Florida was organized as a territory in 1822.
  • 1842 At the close of the Seminole Wars, most of the Indians were removed west to present-day Oklahoma, but a few hundred escaped into the swamps.
  • 1845 Florida became a state.
  • 1861 Florida seceded from the Union. It was readmitted in 1868.
  • 1870 - 1900 The post-Civil War boom brought many settlers to Florida, as developers from the North built railroads and resorts.
  • 1921 - 1925 The last thirteen of the state's sixty-seven counties were organized as the Florida land boom attracted new settlers from the north.

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