About the Internet Center

This area is your GENEALOGY / INTERNET GRAND CENTRAL STATION ... your on-ramp to Internet sources related to genealogy!!

Here you'll find a Topic Site, a Region/Ethic Site, a Mailing List Site, and Search Engine "highlight for the month." Have a look around. And if you need help in getting started with the Internet, there is a site for that too.

Here is a brief explanation of each area:

Sites by Topic

This area contains sites that are organized by topic (getting started, courses, records, military, etc.). You will find places to look up your surnames, find how to information, genealogy newsletters, and more.

Sites by Region/Ethnic

This area helps you find information according to where your ancestor lived or according to a specific ethnic group.

Mailing Lists

Much like reading a message board that is Internet-wide, Mailing Lists can be very helpful in your research.

Mailing Lists (also referred to as listservs) are many things, but they all share one important characteristic: their primary means of distribution is via electronic mail (E-mail). Mailing lists are one of the oldest and most popular resources the Internet has to offer its members.Messages sent to a mailing lists will be sent to you through your E-mail. There are literally thousands of mailing lists that are genealogy related and many of those are surname specific. Think of finding a whole group of people searching your same surname.

Search Engines

Search Engines are powerful Internet tools used to locate information on the Internet. They are particularly useful in locating information on Web pages. By entering a keyword, a combination of words, or a phrase in a search engine, you can search the Internet for Web pages that contain the word or phrase. This is particularly helpful if you're searching for a particular surname.

In this area, we've collected the best of the Internet search engines. Click on one, read the Help area for hints and tips, and start searching!

We hope you will enjoy using the Internet Center. Check back each week to see our highlighted sites.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Internet addresses shown in this document may change without notice. Please feel free to advise us of changes you discover by sending us the name or URL of this Web page, the name of the site, and the new address, if you know it, to GFSBrenda@aol.com

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