Where Can I Find Genealogy Information
on the Internet?

    Finding places on the Internet.

    The Genealogy Forum has top-quality Internet access to Web sites, newsgroups, FTP places and more. The Internet is vast and we staff can not always tell you where a particular database is located or if it even exists, but you can look for one easily. To use the Internet to search for a specific database of records, go to The Genealogy Forum Internet Center: Search Engines.

    When you find a Web site such as Alta Vista to do a search on, use the search words of "Alabama Genealogy" (no quotes) or something similar to what you are looking for and see what comes up. You can also select Newsgroups, FTP and other Internet items to access instead of using a search engine. We've provided a list of the top genealogy World Wide Web Sites. All you have to do is click on any site listed here.

    You may also want to post a message in the Genealogy Forum's message boards to see if other forum members can help with your particular interests. They may be able to recommend a good Web site.

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