What is a Tiny Tafel?

    What is a tiny tafel?

    A tiny tafel is a shorthand way of telling people what genealogy lines you are researching. Among other things, they tell who you are and give the next person an idea of where and when your ancestors lived. Each line tells the surname, the first and last date you have information on that surname, and the first and last place you know they lived.

    Many good software packages can help you create one of these. You will want to check out the Genealogy library here in the forum to find one that will work with your computer.

    Here is a sample of a tiny tafel:
    N Howard L. Nurse
    A 2257 Old Middlefield Way
    A Mountain View, CA 94043
    T (415) 967-1900
    S FidoNet 143/26
    B COMMSOFT BBS/(415) 967-6730
    C 2400/B/X
    D 5/IBM DSDD/360
    R Sample Kennedy database
    Z 29 KENNEDY V24 DP
    A252 1915 1947 Auchincloss
    B160 1698 1933 Bouvier/Long Island NY
    B530 1906 1939 Bennett/New York
    B620 1869 1933 Burke/Suffolk Co. MA
    C200 1803 1833 Cox
    C414 1861 1899 Caulfield\Norfolk Co. MA/Suffolk Co. MA
    C540 1868 1928 Connelly/Suffolk Co. MA
    F326 1690 1890 Fitzgerald/Suffolk Co. MA
    F430 1806 1836 Field
    H200 1806 1857 Hickey/Suffolk Co. MA
    H500 1802 1865 Hannon/Middlesex Co. MA
    K500 1858 1892 Kane\Ireland/Suffolk Co. MA
    K530 1793*1957:Kennedy\Ireland/New York
    K530 1793*1984 Kennedy\Ireland/Wstchster Co. NY
    L000 1847 1906 Lee
    L163 1923 1961 Lawford\England/L.A. Co. CA
    L532 1753 1783 Lindsay
    M500 1847 1890 Mahoney\Suffolk Co. MA/Suffolk Co. MA
    M610 1791 1821 Murphy/Wxfrd Co. IRE
    M626 1710 1766 Mercier
    R324 1929 1959 Radziwill
    S240 1892 1928 Skakel\Cook Co. IL/Cook Co. IL
    S530 1927 1960 Smith\Kings Co. NY/Suffolk Co. MA
    S616 1915 1965 Shriver\Carroll Co. MD/Suffolk Co. MA
    S625 1831 1861 Sergeant
    T525 1947 1983 Townsend\Baltimore Co. MD/Middlesex Co. MA
    T653 1706 1736 Trintignant
    V650 1783 1813 Vernou
    W453 1767 1797 Wilmouth
    R Only those having interest > 0
    Z 2 KENNEDY V24 D1 K530 1793*1957:Kennedy
    K530 1793*1984 Kennedy
    W 15 Dec 1986 ******

    Many of the above lines are general information about you and your computer.
    Sample family entry :
    M500 1847 1890 Mahoney\Germany/Suffolk Co. MA
    ****** Explanation of above:
    M500 - Soundex Code - a shorthand code for similar sounding names
    1847 - earliest known information about this family surname
    1890 - latest known information about this family surname
    Mahoney - The family surname (usually the last name)
    Germany - earliest known residence or event
    Suffolk Co. Ma - last known residence or event.

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