Confederate Cemetery; Resaca, GA
Partial Transcription - Some illegible or partially legible, some unknown graves
?, BobAla.14 May 1864 
?, G.Army of Tenn.14 May 1864 
?, J. R.(P.)37th. Regt. Ms. Corp.14 May 1864 
?, S.32nd. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
?, T. M.Army of Tenn.14 May 1864 
?, T. N.Army of Tenn.14 May 1864 
Andrews, JohnCo. B 14th. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
Ayers, Benton B.Co. D 42nd. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Bray, RufusCo. D 40th. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Barncard, D. G.Co. B 42nd. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Barter, J. C.45th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Baynes, R.37th. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
Beck, Franklin R.Comm. 23rd. Regt. Ala. Col.14 May 1864 
Bell, W. J.22nd. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
Benson, J. K. P.Co. D 41st. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Bethune, D. B.Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Bland, William J.Co. C 29th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Bone, S.Co. H 32nd. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Bowen, ?34th. Regt. Ms. Capt.14 May 1864 
Boyd, WilliamCo. B 18th. Regt. Tx.14 May 1864 
Branan, JakeCo. D 14th. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
Brown, N. B.47th. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Burford, Charles M.38th Regt. Ala. Colorbearer14 May 1864b. 15 Dec. 1827 Conecuh Co., Ala.
Butterworth, S. A.Co. H 58th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Campbell, J. C.3rd. Regt. Tn. Cav. Lt.14 May 1864 
Chinowith, Thomas L.Co. C 16th. Regt. La. Pvt.14 May 1864 
Clark, L. M.Co. G 8th. Regt. Ms. Lt.14 May 1864 
Collins, H. B. C.Co. A 4th. Batt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Crutchfield, W. A.Co. D Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Dailey, ?Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Daugherty, ?Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Daugherty, J.Co. A 4th. Batt. La.14 May 1864 
Davis, J. B.Co. B 42nd. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Dixon, J.Co. F 32nd. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Durham, W. C.3rd. Regt. Tn. Cav. Lt.14 May 1864 
Elliott, J. M.Co. B 42nd. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Estep, William P.Co. D 41st. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Fair, Jasper50th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Gayley, Charley W.Co. A 2nd. Regt. Ky.14 May 1864 
Gamage, J. H.8th. Regt. Tn. 14 May 1864 
Gamble, J.3rd. Regt. Tn. Cav.14 May 1864 
Gilmore, J. (N.) A.Co. B 45th. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Gilmore, S. G.37th. Regt. Ms. Sgt.14 May 1864 
Goda, John HancockCo. 19th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Gordon, W. P. H.Co. B 36th. Regt. Ala. 2nd. Lt.15 May 1864b. 2 Sept. 1827
Graham, William S.54th. Regt. Va. Sgt.14 May 1864 
Granger, Fred6th. Regt. Ky.14 May 1864 
H______, L. A.Longstreets Corp. Army of Tenn.14 May 1864 
Harp, R. D.13th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Harris, A. G. (C.)43rd. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Henderson, G. H.18th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Hewitt, Robert E.Co. G 2nd. Regt. Ky. 1st. Sgt.14 May 1864 
Hix, J.Co. G 34th. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Howard, Lewis9th. Regt. Ky. Cav.14 May 1864 
Jackson, W. J.3rd. Regt. Tn. Cav.14 May 1864 
Ingles, JohnCo. D 8th. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Johnson, W. J.Co. K 10th. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
Johnson, W. W.Regt. Ala. ?14 May 1864 
Jones, A. R.27th. Regt. Ms. Col.14 May 1864 
Land, Issac37th. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
Lester, J. W.Co. G 23rd. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Lively,Thomas4th. Regt. Ga. Cav. Sgt.14 May 1864 
Mann, J. N. (M.)Co. H 40th. Regt. Ga14 May 1864 
Martin, J. H.43rd. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Matthews, JacobCo. B 47th. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Mayfield, Robert S.Co. G 42nd. Regt. Ga. 2nd. Corpl.14 May 1864 
Mayo, H. L.29th. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
McAlister, P. L.Ala.14 May 1864 
McGill, W. W.Co. B 37th. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
McHenry, ThomasCo. D 3rd. Regt. Tn. Cav.14 May 1864 
Miller, JohnArmy of Tn.14 May 1864 
Mobley, John3rd. Regt. Ala. Cav.14 May 1864 
Newberry, D.Ala.14 May 1864 
Newman, J. F.Co. B 9th. Batt. Ms. Sharpshooter14 May 1864 
Palmer, William M.Co. C 31st. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Parham, William S.Co. E 15th. Regt. Ms. Pvt.14 May 1864 
Parker, B.C. S. A.14 May 1864 
Parker, B. F.17th. Regt. Ala. Lt.14 May 1864 
Parkman, D.Co. C 54th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Rader, P. W.C. S. A.14 May 1864 
Rathers, J. W.Co. C 8th. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Reece, E.Co. I 38th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Reid, J. S.24th. Regt. Ms. Lt.14 May 1864 
Russell, F.Co. A 45th. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Russell, J. J.30th. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
Russell, S. T.5 Co. Wash. Artil. N. O. La. Corp.14 May 1864 
Rye, William W.Co. G 3rd. Regt. Fla. Inf. Sgt.14 May 1864 
S______, J. G.50th. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Sackston, G.Co. G 32nd. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Savage, J. H.5th. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Scrannay, W. H.Regt. Tn. Lt.14 May 1864 
Shelterfield, M.36th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Simmons, Elizabeth J. Dowberry 8 Sept. 1907wife of J. W.; buried here at her request, was instrumental in improvements and in acquiring a Monument to placed at the cemetery; b. 6 Apr. 1836
Simonton, A. W. (V.)9th. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Smith, James38th. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Smith, W. J.18th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Spurlock, J. L.Co. I 43rd. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
Stalter, D. T.Co. C 32nd. Regt. Ala. Lt.14 May 1864 
Steadman, ?40th. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Stokes, ?Army of Tn.14 May 1864 
Stubbs, William H.Co. C 18th. Regt. Ala. Pvt.14 May 1864 
Sykes, J. J.Co. A 2nd. Regt. Ark. Mtd. Rifles14 May 1864 
Theeton, A.8th. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Tucker, T. B.3rd. Regt. Tn. Cav.14 May 1864 
Watts, J. T.Co. G 38th. Regt. Ms. Lt.14 May 1864 
Williams, JeremiahCo. I 52nd. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 
Williams, J. L.Co. E 10th. Regt. Ms.14 May 1864 
Williams, J. W.Co. H 38th. Regt. Ala.14 May 1864 
Woody, J. H.32nd. Regt. Tn.14 May 1864 
Youngblood, J. B.43rd. Regt. Ga.14 May 1864 

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